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As a AC Heating In Los Altos satisfies all residential and commercial cooling challenges with durable equipment, progressive technology, user-friendly operation, and outstanding efficiency. We’re happy to answer questions, explain options and provide knowledgeable recommendations. Every aspect of the job is handled with transparency and straightforward commitment to your best interests.

1. Turn off at night, and save while you sleep

This money-saving tip is as clear as night and day! Keep your air conditioning on during the day, and off at night. The reasoning is simple. Firstly, the evening air is naturally cooler, so you can take advantage of that by turning off the air conditioning and opening a window. You may even get a gentle breeze to cool things down.

If you do find a welcome breeze, open windows or doors on both sides of your house to allow it to flow through.

Secondly, for comfortable sleeping, your body simply doesn’t need your air conditioner to run at the same temperature as it does during the day. So, with your air conditioner off, you can enjoy some nocturnal energy savings and sweet dreams.

2. Thermostats and timers – set and save

When it comes to energy consumption and reducing your air conditioning bill over summer, every degree matters!

So one of the most energy-efficient things you can do is set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature that won’t make your unit work too hard, but will still make you feel like you’re sitting pretty. As a guide, somewhere between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius is where you should set the thermostat. Be aware, that for every single degree of cooling you can do without, you’re saving on your energy bill. So avoid setting it too cold in summertime. Even setting your air conditioning unit one degree warmer than you normally world can cut costs by up to 10%. As a rule, try not to set the thermostat less than 8 degrees below the outdoor temperature (so if it’s 30 outside, aim for 22 or 23 degrees Celsius inside).

To really help reduce your energy bill, consider a thermostat with a built-in timer, so you’re not only setting the temperature, but setting the hours of operation for maximum energy efficiency. It makes sense to have a system that does it for you automatically, so you can set, and forget. And save of course.

3. Get shady and shut out the sun

Shade, shade, shade. However you can get it, grab it, and it will help your home stay cooler. Therefore, your air conditioning unit won’t have to work so hard, and your energy bill will be reduced. It’s simple. During a hot Aussie summer, you can’t turn down the sun, but you can add some shade to turn down the heat.

The first way to get shady is to keep blinds, curtains, drapes and awnings drawn and closed. Whether it’s Venetian blinds, roller blinds, plantation shutters or lined curtains, keep that beautiful sunshine outside where it belongs. For sun-facing windows, light-coloured backings for blinds and curtains will help deflect sun heat too.

By closing windows, blinds, shutters or drapes, you’ll be keeping the hot air and the sun’s rays out, so your air conditioning doesn’t have to run all the time to maintain the optimal temperature. Heat absorption can be drastically reduced if your windows have a strong line of defense. Even tinted windows can stop some of the sun’s heat coming into your air conditioned sanctuary, and your unit won’t have to work so hard.

Want some more ways to throw shade and reduce air conditioning bills? Consider Mother Nature’s original shade maker – trees. Plant trees, vines or shrubs that can add a defensive line of shade to the house – consider the walls and roof as well as the windows.



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One of the best service calls I've ever experienced. Tech was on time, knowledgeable, very professional, conscientious and fast. Couldn't ask for better service and will use these guys again.
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Tech was super professional, easy to work with and looked into every possible way to get our AC/heat working again. Also worth mentioning that no other company had even noticed out AC was out of coolant! Would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone - super professional and they get the job done.
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Technicians are competent and professional. We are especially pleased with Santiago who is very knowledgeable and efficient. We maintain a regular maintenance schedule with them and they are very responsive to emergency situations.

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